Sarah Outen

Sarah Outen

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There are a good deal of adventure seekers out there that take life by storm, and against all odds, come out barely surviving the most intense of hardships. But one story, particularly, defies those chances to the maximum degree.

Sarah Outen, of London, decided to trek the circumference of the world by using only her own human power. After Sarah graduated Oxford University, her father unexpectedly passed away in 2006, which led her to consider the possibility of living on the sea for many months. It was then, that her adventure began to take form.

The 30 year old travelled the world and completed her year 217 day assignment on November 2015, by rowing under the Tower Bridge in London as she was greeted by her followers and her Fiance, Lucy. Sarah’s journey began in London in April 2011. From there she kayaked, rowed, and cycled over 25,000 miles to reach London again. She is the first person in history to row from Japan to Alaska in 150 days.

This unparalleled female athlete has been through grueling winter storms with temperatures reaching -40 in Alaska, cycled the Gobi Desert at temperatures higher than 105, has coped with life threatening snake and bear encounters, and nearly died after her rowboat got caught beneath the bows of a container ship.

Nearly all Sarah’s trek was done solo, but on occasion she would be accompanied by supporters or her girlfriend Lucy. While she had been enduring the long row across the Pacific, Sarah called Lucy by satellite telephone to propose. The telephone call was followed by tears and excitement from both girls.

During this incredible experience, Sarah has gained widespread support from her followers and has managed to raise over $50,000 to help a few of her favorite charities including: CoppaFeel! She has also inspired children to get the most out of life, which was the biggest reason she chose to go on this adventure. She wanted to inspire young people to go after anything they want in life, regardless of what the odds are.

“For me this expedition has ever been about the experience, the challenge, and importantly about the learning. But I also wanted to share this experience with others, to show people, especially young people, that you can do anything you set your mind to. This is a belief inspired by my late father and is one I carry with me always.”

Her determination and drive lead her to finish the adventure with a bright, smiling face and a the obligatory bottle of champagne. Lucy says now that Sarah is back, they can begin planning the wedding. Sarah has since traveled around Britain inspiring individuals to take life by storm, defying odds, and live their own dreams to the fullest.

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